ICYMI: What's next for the Tennessee Legislature and Marsy's Law

KNOXVILLE, TN - In case you missed it, the Tennessee legislature will be heading back to sessions in a matter of weeks on June 1st. The house will be hoping to cover a range of bills and topics, including Marsy's Law.

Read more at WBIR 10 News or continue reading below for an excerpt from Tina Gregg.

Advocate, mother, and crime victim Tina Gregg said it is personal to her, as her daughter was killed in 2011.

"Me as a mother, I will never stop fighting for my daughter," she said. 

At one point she said she wasn't notified her daughter's killer was allowed to leave the state, which left her uneasy. 

"When we were in court he said he wouldn't let him but then he did and didn't tell anyone," she said. 

Since it is an amendment, crime victim and victim advocate Marianne Purcell Dunavant said the timeline looks a little different.

"A constitutional amendment has to pass two general assemblies and we're in the second year of the first, which means next year starts a new one," she said. "It also has to pass on a gubernatorial ballot."

You can read more on Marsy's Law and the Tennessee State Legislature here

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