Marsy’s Law for Tennessee Honors Phil McLendon with Champion of Victims’ Rights Award

Memphis, Tenn. - Marsy’s Law for Tennessee presented Memphis resident Phil McLendon with the Champion of Victims' Rights Award for his dedication in helping dozens of women and children in West Tennessee escape from violent households. 

“Marsy’s Law for Tennessee can’t thank Phil McLendon enough for the countless hours he has volunteered to help women and children in need,” said Marsy’s Law for Tennessee State Director Bonnie Brezina. "His dedication to providing resources for victims and bringing awareness to domestic violence in West Tennessee is so valuable and appreciated." 

As the owner and founder of Absolute Moving Services, LLC, McLendon’s company moves women and children out of violent situations at no cost in West Tennessee. His company also collects donations of furniture and household goods and delivers them when needed to families that are starting over. McLendon’s motto is “no survivor left behind” and he makes resources available to those affected by domestic violence -- no matter the time, the place, or the circumstance. 

McLendon endorses and advocates for Marsy’s Law for Tennessee - a law that will ensure that victims of crime have constitutional rights equal to those accused and convicted of crimes. 

"I’m very grateful to receive this honor," said McLendon. "Helping women and children is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done with my life. I will do anything I can to bring awareness and equal rights to victims of domestic violence. That’s why I’m proud to support Marsy’s Law for Tennessee.”


Adopting Marsy’s Law in Tennessee will provide victims with the ability to assert the critical rights to which they are promised including:

  • The right to be treated with fairness for the victim's safety, dignity, and privacy;
  • The right, upon request, to reasonable and timely notice of, and to be present at, all criminal public proceedings and all juvenile delinquency proceedings involving the accused;
  • The right to be heard in any proceeding involving release, plea, sentencing, disposition, and parole, as well as any public proceeding during which a right of the victim is implicated;
  • The right to be free from harassment, intimidation, and abuse throughout the criminal justice system, including reasonable protection from the accused or any person acting on behalf of the accused; 
  • The right, upon request, to reasonable notice of any release or escape of an accused; 
  • The right to refuse a request by the defendant, the defendant's attorney, or any other person acting on behalf of the defendant for an interview, deposition, discovery request, or other communication with the victim;
  • The right to full and timely restitution from the offender;
  • The right to a speedy trial or disposition and a prompt and final conclusion of the case after the conviction or sentence;
  • The right, upon request, to confer with the prosecution; 
  • The right to be fully informed of all rights afforded to crime victims. 

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About Marsy’s Law

Marsy’s Law is named after Marsalee “Marsy” Nicholas of California who was stalked and killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1983. Only one week after her death, Marsy’s mother and brother, Henry T. Nicholas, walked into a grocery store where they were confronted by the accused murderer. The family, who had just come from a visit to Marsy’s grave, was unaware that the accused had been released on bail.

 In an effort to honor his sister, Dr. Nicholas has made it his mission to give victims and their families constitutional protections and equal rights. He formed Marsy’s Law for All in 2009, providing expertise and resources to victims’ rights organizations nationwide. 

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