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Marsy’s Law for Tennessee Passes On The Senate Floor

NASHVILLE, TN – Today, the Tennessee Senate passed Marsy’s Law (HJR 0094). The joint resolution will now go back through the legislature for final passage in the 2025 and 2026 legislative sessions. Marsy’s Law is a proposed constitutional amendment that ensures victims of crime have enforceable rights and protections.

Tennessee State Representative Patsy Hazlewood on "Why We Do What We Do"

Recently, Tennessee State Representative Patsy Hazlewood was featured on the "Why We Do What We Do" interview series that takes place on Facebook Live.

"Why We Do What We Do" Features State Sen. Jon Lundberg

State Senator Jon Lundberg is a staunch advocate for the need to strengthen the rights of crime victims within the Tennessee criminal justice system. He stands in solidarity with survivors, victims’ families, victims’ rights advocates, and others who have united in the fight for victims' rights.

Marsy’s Law for Tennessee provides a crucial voice for victims

As a member of the Tennessee General Assembly, my job is to try my best to improve the lives of Tennesseans and protect them in every way that I can. Protecting Tennesseans does not only mean protecting the unalienable rights granted to us in the Constitution, it means protecting the most vulnerable communities around us and ensuring they are granted the same rights as every other citizen. 

'Every number represents a life ' | Knox County District Attorney General honors lives of victims of violent crime across East TN

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Monday marked a solemn day for families across Tennessee — National Day of Remembrance for Homicide Victims. The day is meant to honor people who died due to violent crime.

To honor victims and their families Charme Allen, the Knox County District Attorney General held an event to remember the victims. Pictures and memories of the victims were posted online, organized by the counties they were from, as well as their birth year and the year they 

Allen read the names of those victims in the City-County Building. One of them was Emma Walken, a spunky cheerleader who found her angel wings when she was just 16 years old.

"Emma, she was a very independent, very spunky child. She liked to make people laugh. She loved children, she wanted to be a NICU nurse," said Jill Walker, her mother.

Marsy’s Law would provide clear and enforceable rights for crime victims

Last week marked National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, and it provided an opportunity to examine the rights our victims of crime are guaranteed. Frankly, in Tennessee, I think those rights fall short, and it’s why I support Marsy’s Law.

Marsy’s Law guarantees equal and enforceable rights for crime victims across Tennessee. You might be shocked that the rights outlined in Marsy’s Law are not already in place – the right for a victim to be notified of the release of an abuser, the right to be notified about proceedings and be vocal in those proceedings, the right to be treated with dignity and respect through the judicial process.

Marsy's Law Passes in the Tennessee House of Representatives

Marsy’s Law for Tennessee (HJR 0094) has been passed by the full House of Representatives in a full floor vote. 

Marsy’s Law Advances to the House Finance Committee

Marsy’s Law for Tennessee (HJR 0094) cleared another legislative checkpoint when members of the House Criminal Justice Committee voted unanimously to pass it through to the House Finance, Ways, and Means Committee for consideration. 

Marsy’s Law PASSES the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee in Unanimous Vote

On Tuesday lawmakers voted unanimously to PASS Marsy’s Law for Tennessee (HJR 0094) through to the House Criminal Justice Committee for consideration.

In The News: Tennesseans who fall victim to crime deserve full extent of their rights

Last month, Memphis mourned the shocking and gruesome murder of a community member, Eliza Fletcher. A few days later, Tennesseans watched in horror as a gunman live streamed a rampage of homicides on Facebook. He murdered four Memphians and wounded three more.